A Spot at the Bar by The Everleigh's Michael Madrusan

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Join the internationally acclaimed team from The Everleigh for an evening of good drinking, festive hosting and classic style. From an aperitif at sundown, a nightcap in the early hours, right through to a hair of the dog the morning after, we invite you on a wild and romantic journey in celebration of the golden era of drinking and entertaining.

With more than three hundred recipes for fond and forgotten classic cocktails, including our favourite variations, A Spot at the Bar is an extension of the Everleigh experience and a chance to get up close and personal with everything we know and love.
It is much more than just a cocktail book. It reflects this golden era cocktail bar's sophisticated vibe and style of drinking, as well as offering a how-to guide to other elements of the social experience.  "His Style" and "Her Style" chapters include functional fashion hints and tips on shoe styles and accessories. The how-to guides strike a playful, yet informed tone, in a bid to help you put your best foot forward, whatever the occasion.

In Michael's words: "In appreciating the quality of their drink, the glassware in which it is served and the decor of the venue in which they frequent, the consumer is forced to critique everything from the appropriateness of their Friday night attire to their core values in work and leisure."

Now you just need to find a spot at the bar...

Customer Reviews

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Accurate & Classy

This book has it all. Great recipes, helpful tips, cool quotes sprinkled in there, little bit of history and the art is fantastic. Looks killer on the coffee table too. Solid book! Cheers

Best cocktail book!

I'm new to preparing cocktails and this book has been a fantastic resource! It features very clear explanations on how to make drinks, easy variations on those drinks, as well as interesting history excerpts about mixology. I highly recommend it for both the seasoned mixologist/bartender and the green beginner. Great read!

Simply amazing

The book is a great guide for experienced as well as starting mixers. Every topic is explained to the very last detail, even the clothing to wear while mixing. I'd suggest everyone, not just people who like cocktails, but everyone, to take a look in this book! It's accessible and understandable for everyone, while having great humorous lines that make every reader crack up.

Bar book

My husband won't put it down!