2018 Christmas Advent Calendars

White Possum brings us their annual Christmas Advent Calendars for 2018! A choice of either Australian Gin or Australian Whisky calendars are available. Both sets include information on each spirit and distillery featured as well as a 30mL matte black tasting bottle for each day leading up to Christmas!

The perfect Christmas gift that keeps on giving… or treat yourself this upcoming XMAS!

A 2018 advent calendar for Christmas featuring Australian spirit producers . Whisky distillers including Starward, Nant Distilling Company, Tasmanian Independent Bottlers, Hellyers Road Distillery, The Grove and Belgrove Distillery. Gin distillers including KIS (Kangaroo Island Spirits), 23rd St Distillery, Never Never Distilling and Margaret River Distilling Co to name a few!

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