Cocktail shakers play an important role in making a great drink. They are used to create texture, achieve ideal dilution and reach the perfect temperature when making a cocktail.

Want to buy a cocktail shaker? Find out why shaking a cocktail is important to make good cocktails and which shaker is best for you in Cocktail Shakers 101.

New to shaking cocktails? Learn how to shake and seperate a Boston shaker.

We stock a refined selection of cocktail shakers including Boston shakers, Cobbler shakers and Parisienne / French shakers. Brands include Hikari and Uber Bar Tools. 2-piece cocktail shakers such as the Boston shaker and Parisienne shaker can be used in conjunction with a hawthorn strainer. They have the option of a tempered, pint-sized glass or toby tin. The stainless steel of a Hikari weighted shaker reaches a colder temperature quicker, meaning less dilution. Highly sought after by professional bartenders. The Cobbler shaker, also known as a 3-piece cocktail shaker, have built-in strainers.

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