We’ve combined key pieces of bar equipment and created, what we believe, to be the best Cocktail Kits. If you are after a basic cocktail set for a home bartender, a cocktail gift set for a friend or a complete bartender’s kit for a professional bartender… then we’ve got you covered!

Getting started? We recommend the Essentials Cocktail Bar Set or a Shake and Strain Set.

Looking for a gift? If they love coffee then you can’t go past the Bottled Cocktail Co. Espresso Martinis.

Are you a pro? Our most popular set of all time is the Bartender’s Bar Kit which comes with a choice of shaker. If you need something to carry it all in, then check out our Bartender Shoulder Bag.


Our Cocktail Kits include all the necessary bar tools to get you started. Basic bar sets include the essentials such as a cocktail shaker, hawthorn strainer and jigger whilst complete cocktail sets incorporate the cocktail tools we recommend - bar equipment such as mixing glasses, speed pourers, barspoons, fine strainers, multi jiggers, peelers, muddlers and/or ice picks.

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