How to make a Barrel-Aged Boulevardier

Barrel Aged Boulevardier


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The Boulevardier is essentially a bourbon-based Negroni. A bitter cocktail that transforms into a smooth & unique drink after a few weeks on oak. You’ll notice changes develop after a week but it will be at it’s prime after 4-5 weeks.

The key to barrel-aging is continually tasting as it ages to find the sweet spot. The smaller the barrel, the faster the process due to a higher oak to liquid ratio. Around 4-6 weeks will be best but regular tasting is a must!

Below is the recipe for a Boulevardier, I’ve changed the bitter from Campari to Red Okar for an Australian version ­čÖé

Buy an American Oak Keg for Barrel-Aging

  • 1.5 parts Bourbon Whiskey
  • 1 part Sweet Vermouth
  • 1 part Campari

1. Measure 1 part Campari (or Applewood Red Okar) and add to the barrel

Red Okar

2. Measure 1.5 parts Bourbon Whiskey and add to the barrel

Bourbon Whiskey

3. Measure 1 part Sweet Vermouth (I used Maidenii) and add to the barrel (I poured straight into the barrel as I needed spot on 1.4L (2 x bottles)

Sweet Vermouth

4. Now sit and watch your barrel for 4-6 weeks, tasting regularly!

Barrel Aging Cocktails

After barrel-aging your Boulevardier I suggest pouring straight from the barrel into your mixing glass to stir over ice (if it will be sold or consumed within a few weeks). If you don’t plan on consuming it as quickly, I recommend bottling and keeping in the fridge to avoid the vermouth from oxidizing.

Have you tried barrel-aging a cocktail?

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