How to make Sugar Syrup

Make Sugar Syrup

Sugar syrup is an essential ingredient when making a number of cocktails. It is also commonly known as Simple Syrup. Follow the directions for a consistent syrup.

Below we’ve put together a 1:1 sugar syrup with white sugar. You can also use other sugars such as raw,¬†brown and demerara which have different flavours and sweetness – these pair nicely with brown spirits such as whiskey and rum.

The key to making the right consistency is weighing your ingredients just like any other recipe.

How to make Sugar Syrup
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Approx. 700-800mL

How to make Sugar Syrup

Ensure you weigh the ingredients rather than measuring by volume.

If you want to create a rich simple syrup that will last longer, increase your ratio to 2:1 ie. 1kg of sugar and 500g of water.

Of course, you will need less syrup in your recipes if you increase the sugar content.


  • 500g Water
  • 500g Sugar


  1. Make sure you weigh your ingredients
  2. Add water to a pot on the stovetop
  3. Bring to a boil and add sugar
  4. Lower heat and let simmer until sugar is dissolved
  5. Let cool before bottling

In a busy bar and need sugar syrup in a hurry?

Method One:
Measure your water and sugar straight into a jar or bottle an shake like hell until dissolved!

Method Two:
Boil the kettle and measure your water and sugar straight into a jar or bottle. Make sure the bottle isn’t cold when transferring otherwise it may break. Be careful not to scold yourself.

Making Sugar Syrup

Measure Sugar
Making Sugar Syrup
Add Sugar
Sugar Syrup

What ratio sugar syrup do you use to mix drinks?

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