Yarai Mixing Glass

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THE mixing glass for the home and professional bartender. It boasts a 500mL capacity and weighs over half a kilo, this mixing glass is sturdy yet eye-catching. Perfect for busy bars that still want to look legit. The Yarai pattern also acts as grip, so this mixing glass won't be slipping from your wet bar hands!

Recommended mixing glass for busy bars and restaurants.

Note that this mixing glass is seamed and priced accordingly. If you are looking for a seamless mixing glass, please see any of our other mixing glasses.

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      Yarai Mixing Glass

      Santa's nice list

      A little late on the review, however it's for a good cause. Being the big sister, still partaking in the magic of Christmas, Santa sure delivered! It looks great when mixing, a good size I managed to mix a couple of drinks at once. Went down a treat at Christmas lunch and I'm sure many more occasions to come!

      Perfect for One

      I wanted a small mixing glass I could leave in the fridge ready for whenever I needed it. This little guy fits the bill perfectly. You could get away with mixing two Old Fashioneds in it (just) but it's really sized for mixing a single drink, which is all you need sometimes. Great little addition to my collection

      So Stoked!!!

      This place is the bomb. Quality gear at very good prices. Kit arrived very well packaged, efficiently small box for amount of stuff I ordered. Delivery was 2 days, got constant updates of parcel travel which was free as purchase was over $100. Steve is a legend, check out his youtube page 365 days of cocktails, had a blast this last Negroni week making epic drinks with my kit. Will use this site for all my cocktail purchases. Cheers

      Thanks for the epic review Matt! Glad you are loving the videos - picked up a new camera today so some new footage is on the way!
      5 Stars

      5 Stars