How to Make a Smoked Cocktail [3 Videos + Recipe]

Smoked Cocktail Recipe

The addition of smoke adds depth to classic cocktails and an innovative twist to new creations. Whether a drink is shaken, stirred, or simply served neat, adding smoke to spirits is relatively easy with the techniques outlined in the videos below.

How to make a Singapore Sling

Singapore Sling Recipe

The Singapore Sling is a variation on a classic Gin Sling and was first created around 1915 at the Long Bar in the Raffles Hotel, Singapore. And again, there are many different recipes and opinions on how to make the perfect Singapore Sling but this is one of my favourites.

What’s the difference between Cherry Heering, Kirsch and Luxardo Maraschino liqueur?

Maraschino Cherry Kirsch

Most recipes will specifically call for one of three, the one best suited to the balance of the drink and it’s flavour profile. If you are making a cocktail that calls for a cherry brandy (ie. the Singapore Sling) then I’d recommend utilising either Kirsch or Cherry Heering.

How to make a Blood Orange Negroni

Blood Orange Negroni

Creation of veteran Australian bartender Grant Collins. Grant has released a cocktail book titled Mix It Up as well as open venues and tailored menus for several iconic cocktail bars such as The Collins Bar at the Hilton in Adelaide, The Powder Keg in Potts Point and most recently, Olio Kensington St.

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